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Research Technician

Research – WASHINGTON, Iowa
Department Research
Employment Type Full-Time
Minimum Experience Mid-level

Job Title:  Research Technician

Department/Location of Position:  Swine/Washington, IA

Position Reports To:  Research Manager
Salary: Dependent on experience of candidate


Primary Job Responsibilities: Direct oversight of the day to day operations and communication of research site(s)

Duties and Responsibilities include

Feed System

  • Know all aspects of electronic feed system and how to run the complete system.
  • Know how to maintain the feed system, perform maintenance, and how to trouble shoot problems.


Research Processes, Validations, Data and Record Keeping


  • Maintain 100% confidentiality on all operational and research procedures.
  • Understand all research processes and carry them out in accordance to maintain a 1% level of error or less.
  • Know how to record and use all record keeping and budgeting tools created for research.
  • Collect daily barn readings and complete daily paperwork.
  • Know how to do the weekly validations and how to validate data.
  • Know that you will need to answer alarms calls if they pose an animal welfare issue and always be aware of possible concerns that might arise.
  • Know how to maintain, run, and validate all research scales and equipment.
  • Know how to collect and submit feed samples for research trials.  Also how to maintain the correct feed levels in the feeder as well as in the feed pan.
  • Know how to order feed in accordance with the current research protocol with the correct diets and give the mill at least 24 hours’ notice to prepare the needed feed.
  • Know how to maintain and run the equipment on the feed bins. Also know how and why to rotate feed bins.


General Production


  • 45+ hours per week and every other weekend, good attendance is critical.
  • Understand that extended hours may be needed on processing days such as: allotting, weighing, marketing, barn setup or due to equipment breakdowns/maintenance. 
  • This also includes scheduled weekends, scheduled holidays and being available 24 hours a day for alarm calls and emergencies.
  • Scheduled, rotational on-call hours for alarm calls and emergencies also required

  • Responsible for answering all alarm calls when assigned
  • Understand all the needs of a wean to market animal and perform daily caretaking suited to the age of animal and present situation.  Before leaving each day make sure all of these needs have been met.
  • Understand the current research projects and protocols. Maintain accurate written and computer records as required by trial protocols.
  • Have an understanding of the different medications used in pork production and their uses in conjunction with animal age, environment, vaccination timing, and symptoms present.
  • Have an understanding of the vaccines used, the application of those vaccines, and their timing so they can be the most effective.
  • Know how to run the Maximus ventilation controllers in order to make needed ventilation changes, collect data, trouble shooting, and general maintenance.
  • Perform general maintenance on site equipment including but not limited to: feeders, waters, inlets, inlet motors, curtains, curtain motors, gates, feed lines, feed motors, slats, flooring, water lines, fans, louvers, etc. Insure all fans, back up thermostats, e-drops, and generators are working on a weekly basis.
  • Know how to run and maintain the Select Dosers/Stenner Pumps. Clean offices at least once a week and do laundry daily. Keep sites clean inside and out.
  • Notify management of needed supplies, problems, questions, and concerns in a timely manner for the situation.
  • Know how to move pigs according to their age and the job we are trying to accomplish like loading trucks, unloading trucks, allotting, weighing, marketing, sorting, etc.
  • Know how to and when to humanly euthanize animals in accordance to their age and situation, and PQA Plus guidelines.
  • Know how to collect diagnostics tissue sets, oral fluids, fecal samples, and draw blood off all ages of pigs. Also know how to fill out the correct paperwork and how to submit them.
  • Maintain biosecurity as it has been laid out for all entry into a site.  T
  • his includes employees, non-employees, equipment, supplies, etc. Remain compliant with all PQA and TQA practices and certifications.  Collaborate with other departments within the company. Understand that this list of expectations is likely to change.



Education/ Experience: Previous experience in swine production operations is desired with an interest in swine research and a general ability to follow protocols and give attention to detail.


This person must be able to multi-task and handle stressful situations in a swine production atmosphere. Thus, they must have initiative, organization, and dependability. Computer literacy is important with competencies in Excel, Word, Access and Internet Explorer. Direct contact with animals will occur, so good animal handling and bio-security practices must be understood and practiced at all times.

While performing the duties of this job, the employee is regularly required to the physical demands of bending, squatting, reaching, climbing, lifting up to 50 pounds, walking and standing up to 9 hours a day. The employee must be able to, with or without accommodation, work in all facilities within the requirements of this job description.


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